In October 2015, following legislation, shoppers in England were asked for a 5p charge on each plastic bag they acquired. Asset Management are keen supporters of this legislation and have produced our own cotton bags with the AMFA logo to be used by our clients.

To promote the use of our bags, we are asking clients to take pictures of themselves with their AMFA bags whilst abroad – on holiday or on a business trip. The wilder and wackier the better!

The best pictures will be posted on our website and we will send a £25 Marks & Spencer voucher to each client whose pictures are shown. Please send your emails – with an attached picture and its location clearly marked, to Linda Badley.

In December 2017 we will be sending a £100 Marks & Spencer voucher to the client posting a picture from a location that is the furthest distance from our office in Southampton. In addition, there will be another £100 Marks & Spencer voucher for the most original picture involving an AMFA carrier bag.