At Asset Management Financial Advisers Ltd, we have a wealth of experience and market knowledge to help you get the most from your finances. We use a tried and tested approach to ensure that we manage all of our clients’ financial affairs efficiently, responsibly and ethically:

Initial Consultation
  • No obligation
  • An initial discussion to understand your needs, financial goals, and priorities at no cost
Our Charging System
  • A transparent and fair charging system for the advice and service we give
  • We agree with you, in advance, how much you will pay for the research we undertake on your behalf, for any investment you make, and for the ongoing advice we give and service we provide
Initial Review or Needs Analysis
  • We begin our research once you instruct us to act on your behalf
  • We will review:
    • Your current financial circumstances
    • What money you have coming in, your average expenditure and what you need to keep in reserve
    • Personal details about you and your family, your tax position and financial needs, your future plans and your investment goals
    • If you need to take an income from your investments
    • If you want to achieve capital growth
    • We can review your existing investments to make sure they are still suitable
Risk Assessment and Risk Profiling
  • Completion of a risk profile questionnaire
  • A conversation about risk
  • Reach agreement on the amount of investment risk you are happy to accept
Suitability Assessment
  • A report confirming our recommendations to you, why they are suitable and what the associated risks and costs are
  • When we have agreed how to proceed we will implement the plan on your behalf
Ongoing Review
  • Continued access to an adviser
  • Regular portfolio reviews
  • A comprehensive review of your financial strategy

I approached AMFA when I had taken early retirement looking to invest some capital for long term returns. I met with Adam Keith who undertook a comprehensive review of my financial position and assessed my propensity to take risk. Adam was very helpful in explaining the options and advising on the most appropriate with a Financial Planning Report. Adam’s helpful, personable approach and thoroughness of preparation gave me the confidence to take his investment advice.

Mr D Gamblin