Investment Review Documents

In line with our quarterly investment review and any correspondence you have received from us in this capacity please find any relevant reference documents below.

Please see our latest Portfolio Report:

AMFA Portfolio Summary

If you are currently invested in one or more of our AMFA Portfolios; in our view, your needs and objectives would be better met by investing in our latest version, Version 23.

We strongly recommend that you provide us with the authority to update your portfolios to the latest version.

Should you wish to action the above and provide your authority to update your portfolios by sending an email to: in the precise format shown below:

1. State your full name and one account number (as provided in the communication you will have received from us)
2. Quote Reference: AMFA/REVIEW/Q2/2021 (can be subject header)
3. Either:

  • I wish to proceed with updating my portfolios to the latest version
  • I do not wish to update my portfolios to the latest version
  1. (If you wish to proceed and have a General Investment Account), either:
  • I would like to discuss potential capital gains tax with my adviser before the transaction occurs
  • I am happy to proceed with the update of my portfolio without discussing potential capital gains tax

In the event that you would not like to update your portfolio, or do wish to discuss Capital Gains Tax, we will be in further contact.

If you would like to discuss these changes in more detail, or have any other queries please contact your usual adviser, who will be happy to help.